RESTATED BYLAWS 2022 (Approved)
2020 profit & loss (UNAUDITED)

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

LGUSL Board Meeting: 1/27/20

Matt Lopez, Wendy Riggs, Chris Davis, Matt Von Der Ahe, Tad Agami, Jonathan Conta, Stacey Caro, John Curtis, Paolo Cocchiglia

Meeting was called to order at 7:07


New Board Members
– Interviews with the Nominating committee will occur week of 2/3
– Goal: new slate to be ratified at AGM in February

Strategic Plan/Retreat
– Board will be meeting as a group for a full-day offsite; goal is to create smaller working groups and create a more efficient operating structure

Budget Review
– Board reviewed current budget numbers and the effect of timing of payments for comp registration

Parent Survey Results
– Board reviewed the results of the parent survey sent out; strong response rate
– Key takeaways:
• High marks for rec program all around
• Primary complaint from comp parents is constant changing of practice locations and times
• Communication scores were better but still room for improvement

Coach Employment Status
– Board discussed multiple aspects of the new AB5 regulation and its potential effects on employment status for coaches.
– Board agreed to gather more information on a number of areas before an informed decision can be made

Rec Update
– Board discussed the rec->comp tryouts and results
– Spring rec registration: will be opening soon
– Board agreed to gather more data regarding our future relationship with CYSA for rec programs

Fields Update
– Board discussed balancing the need to reduce field usage to cut costs with the potential for losing access to fields we might need in the future
– Need to clarify when Fischer / Union are using the fields for their students

Comp Update
– Staff updates: 4 new coaches including strength and conditioning coach
– Summer camps portal now open: 6 weeks instead of 4
– Developing skill video library
– Scoreboard for futsal facility being constructed

Officiating Update
– USSF restructured their program: minimum age is 13, most content moved online

Misc. Update
– Board to look at updating bylaws; moved to March meeting
– Board added a policy on 1/6/20 which also covers the futsal field

Meeting was adjourned at 8:31PM

LGUSL Board Meeting: 10/28/19

Matt Lopez, John Curtis, Wendy Riggs, AJ Escobar, Sharon Kirk, Chris Davis, Matt Von Der Ahe, Tad Agami, Andrew Ferguson, Shawn Blakeman, Shaun Tsakiris, Jonathan Conta

Motion was made to commence the general meeting at 7:58

November meeting date: moved to 11/18/19

Rec Update:

  • –  Proposed date/location for coaches happy hour: 11/22/19 @ Loma. Second proposed date: TBD.
  • –  Board discussed moving the season start date up a week given school schedules
  • –  Board discussed charging families who did not fulfill volunteer hoursFields update:- Board discussed ongoing issue of Stratford parking congestion
    – LGUSL will trim total practice days at Leigh to save money
    – LG school district is interested in having LGUSL use more of their fields
    – Stratford has approved LGUSL taking over the maintenance of the fields; boarddiscussed the need to purchase a mower / funds to fix sprinkler heads / etc. Needpermission to store the mower @ Stratford
    – Board discussed Venture Church opportunity: field maintenance and irrigation inexchange for use.Uniform update:

– Extra coaches shirts will be logo’d and redistributed; extra jerseys for teams will be distributed

Comp Update:

  • –  Futsal: gym still needs padding which is code compliant ($6k increase); Futsal registration is nearly full
  • –  Board discussed ongoing concern of parent behavior on the sidelines – possibly offering a PCA class was proposed. League to send out our code of conduct to all parents.
  • –  Sacramento tournaments were a success – 38 teams total
  • –  One new coach added; more female coaches still needed
  • –  Coaches will be scheduling 1:1 with players and parentsFinance / Budget update:- VP Admin presented budget update for 2019.

LGUSL Board Meeting: 9/23/19 – Agenda

Matt Lopez, John Curtis, Wendy Riggs, AJ Escobar, Sharon Kirk, Stacey Caro, Chris Davis, Matt Von Der Ahe, Scott Colgan, Shawn Blakeman, Shaun Tsakiris, Jonathan Conta

Motion was made to commence the meeting at 7:58

Rec Update:

  • –  The board discussed complaints from surrounding neighborhoods regarding parking and trash
  • –  Board discussed re-approaching Union school district about cutting the fields for them and taking responsibility for their maintenance
  • –  Volunteers: still needed for moving the goals, many have still not volunteered at all
  • –  Referee pay for U10: move up from $30->$35 as more are needed
  • –  Coaches were promised happy hours: Proposed to hold at Loma (Special Events tocoordinate)Fields update:

– Stratford: moving 9v9 teams to Oster effective next week. Coaches must reiterate that we cannot be on the fields early

Uniform update:

– Board discussed providing extra jerseys (one per coach) – VP Admin to determine number

Comp Update:

  • –  Board votes from last meeting on first aid kits: kits have been purchased, coaches responsibility to pick up at the office
  • –  Benches and EZ ups not yet ordered – to be kept at Creekside storage unit
  • –  Board discussed status of the Futsal project: significant progress has been made, Boardunanimously approved the space lease and flooring purchase
  • –  New shed arrives next week; volunteers needed to help with assembly
  • –  Successful SCU vs. Stanford game on 9/22
  • –  Stanford vs. UCLA game 11/3 – 3PM. $7 ticket includes t-shirt and lanyardMarketing update:
    • –  Holiday parade dates are upcoming (12/7) – 10/25 registration deadline. Request submitted
    • –  Motion to participate in the parade and apply funds to advertising passed Meeting was adjourned at 9:45

LGUSL Board Meeting: 8/26/19 – Agenda

Matt Lopez, Paolo Cocchiglia, Tad Agami, John Curtis, Wendy Riggs, AJ Escobar, Sharon Kirk, Stacey Caro, Chris Davis, Matt Von Der Ahe, Scott Colgan, Shawn Blakeman, Shaun Tsakiris, Jonathan Conta

Meeting was called to order at 7:14PM

Fields update:

– Port-a-potties have been ordered and now placed at all fields
– Fields are all booked, and the board discussed paring back existing reservations in order

to save money.
– LGUSL has an opportunity to secure LG Methodist church for futsal and indoor practices

and the board approved moving forward with securing that space
– The board discussed improvements to both the fields and the ingress/egress to practice

fields given recent feedback from the schools and the surrounding community

Uniform update:

– Comp uniforms have all been delivered
– Board discussed options for teenage female uniforms based on feedback that the try-on

shirts fit differently from the delivered uniforms
– Rec uniforms were delivered but without the proper sponsor logos. The board

discussed potential remedies to the affected sponsors

Comp Update:

– First aid kits: every coach should carry them and club will purchase one per coach – Team benches and EZ-ups for every team – manager assigns per team
– Tournaments: all teams accepted to 3 different tournaments (31 teams total)
– Community outreach: special Olympics program – approved

– Heat index policy: a motion was made to adopt US Soccer federation’s policies. Motion tabled to allow board members to read further

– AQI policy: club has a policy in place (adopted from USSF guidelines)

Rec Update:

– Total participants confirmed: 799
– Board discussed the need for additional coaches and how we can attract and train new

– Board initiated discussions on logistical changes to the rec program to improve


Finance / Budget update:

– Board discussed the impact of proposed increase to referee fees:

o Impact is at U13 and below, but one ref for U10. Net impact is roughly zero
o Need to pay facilities on a monthly basis as we are able to cancel reserved field

o Motiontoapprovenewfeeratespassed

– Cancellation policy amendment:
o Board agreed on the need to create and adopt a new policy and have it in place

for spring season

Officiating Update:

– Format of courses is changing. Board discussed the need to increase number of referees

Other new business:

– Second hand equipment drive: individual who brought it to the board was approved to own the program

Meeting was adjourned at 9:54

LGUSL Board Meeting: 6/3/19 – Minutes

Attendees: Matt Lopez, Wendy Riggs, Chris Davis, Sharon Kirk, AJ Escobar, Paolo Cocchiglia, Matt Von der Ahe, Shawn Blakeman, Shaun Tsakiris, Jonathan Conta

Meeting called to order at 7:15

Fields update:

  • –  All requests for fall 2019 fields have been submitted; follow-ups are now beginning. Board discussed specific field/school arrangements
  • –  Priority: find a gym for the Futsal program
  • –  Board discussed anticipating field demand given the increase in teams for the upcomingseason.Uniform update:- Uniform process starting this week with the team managers
    – Rec uniforms: 2nd year of our 2 year agreement
    – Sponsors to be featured on the jerseys depending on sponsorship levelSponsorship update:

– Multiple new corporate sponsors have committed to supporting LGUSL

Comp Update:

– 300+ new players came to tryouts; >400 returning
– Communication from the comp directors to parents outlining expectations and timelines

– Multiple new coaches joining LGUSL; expecting 50+ teams
– Fall Registration / Tournaments: teams will be registered by the comp director
– LGUSL using new registration system which is integrated with US clubs and will result in

significant time savings
– Board discussed changes to the refund policy; will be communicated to the league when

– Summer camps are filling with >200 signed up to date

Coaching education:

  • –  US Soccer has redone their grassroots program – goal is to impact every club around the country
  • –  Each LGUSL coach is on a development pathway through US soccerRec Update:- >300 players registered; additional coaches still needed
    – Board discussed additional marketing for the rec program; coaches will assist in puttingup banners/flyers

LGUSL Board Meeting Minutes: 4/22/19

Board members attending: Matt Lopez, Wendy Riggs, Andrew Ferguson, Chris Davis, John Curtis, Nick Hatzke, Sharon Kirk, Stacey Caro, Scott Colgan, Jonathan Conta

The meeting was called to order at 7:14

Comp program

– Comp program director shared new registrant numbers
– Board discussed processes and policies regarding refunds for players either leaving the

program or those who have suffered significant (i.e. season-ending) injuries
– Sponsorship opportunities were discussed; a sponsorship group will be formed to assess

possibilities and make recommendations
– Additional promotion of May tryouts was discussed, including electronic promotion at area

elementary and middle schools

Rec program

  • –  Games will start in September the week after Labor Day and will run 9 weeks; registration opens May 1st
  • –  The board discussed the need for rec parent volunteering, both minimum number of volunteers needed as well as expected buyouts
  • –  Changes to per-side sizes by age and combining certain age groups were discussed
  • –  The need for wheels on the large goals was brought up in order to make them easier tomoveFinance
  • –  Proposed fees for fall Comp program were reviewed and approved; communication will come from the technical directors
  • –  Budget for fields was discussed, in particular the need to fully utilize the fields the league is paying forMarketing
  • –  Significant website updates have been made to address performance and gain an insight into user metrics
  • –  LGUSL has invested more efforts into social media which is resulting in higher user engagement
  • –  Board discussed ongoing website maintenance and email campaigns to drive program registrationsOps / Fields / Officiating

– Buying/installing wheels on large goals was confirmed as a primary need Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:10

LGUSL – Board Meeting – 3/25/19

Board members attending: Matt Lopez, Wendy Riggs, Andrew Ferguson, Chris Davis, John Curtis, Matt Von der Ahe, Paolo Cocchiglia, Nick Hatzke, Jonathan Conta

Non-members attending: Shawn Blakeman and Shaun Tsakiris

Meeting was called to order at 7:15. Matt Lopez called the meeting to order.

Comp program:

  • –  Comp program director shared current registration numbers.
  • –  Spring tryouts and the process for existing players remains to be decided. Technicaldirectors are discussing options and will report back. All tryouts will occur at Creekside.
  • –  New uniforms / sponsorship was discussed and timelines communicatedTechnical Directors report:
  • –  Readout of their assessment of the LGUSL was delivered
  • –  7-week progress report issuedMotion was made to approve minutes from 2/25/19 – approvedAdditional program update:
  • –  Communication to parents of field status for special events was discussed
  • –  Futsal camp received positive feedbackRec Program:
  • –  Competitive analysis of fees and volunteer buyouts were presented
  • –  Education / curricula for rec coaches was discussed
  • –  Season will be 9 weeks concluding before Veterans DayMarketing:
  • –  Facebook, Website and Instagram pages now being updated regularly
  • –  LGUSL online “spirit store” now up and runningFinance:

– Budget committee meeting will be scheduled in the near future

New Business:
– Future meetings will continue to be at Centonove based on cost

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:44

Los Gatos United Soccer

Board Meeting Agenda

November 26, 2018

7:00 – Call to Order

A quorum was declared present.

Introduction of guests and board members. Prospective Board members Stacy McTighe & Ryan McTighe were observers at the meeting.

Board Members Present: Matt Lopez, Wendy Riggs, Anne Smets, Paolo Cocchiglia, Matt VonDer Ahe, Scott Colgan, AJ Escobar, Elaina Rosales, Nick Hatzke, Sharon Kirk, and John Curtis.

  • Meeting began with the introduction of Stacy & Ryan and the Board Members
  • Previous Month Items
    • October Minutes -Minutes approved
    • Holiday Party December 3rd at Loma
  • Rec Program – Update
    • The season ended with a very competitive tournament, and lower seeded teams seemed to be up to a competitive level.
    • Focus items to be decided before next fall include:
      • How do we plan for coaches early on and what options do we have.
      • What can LGUSL do to incentivize both coaches and volunteers?
      • Subcommittee for Rec program.
      • Free clinics for rec players.

Comp Program – Update

  • Club Benchmarking Update (Paolo)
  • Registration Platform – stay with Stack for Spring Registration
  • Plan for Full-year to ½ Year (Spring Season) Administration
  • Tryouts – December & May
  • Fees were discussed. No decision was made and Fees will remain the same for 2019 except for Spring and Fall fee breakout.

Fields – Update.

  • LGUSL has applied for all new fields for next spring
  • League is getting the fields it needs.
  • At an earlier meeting, the board agreed to purchase new goals for Fisher

Marketing – Newsletter coming out on regular basis. Send information and topics, feedback.

Christmas Parade – LGUSL will participate in the Los Gatos Town Christmas Parade.


Finance – Board received an update on the 2018 financials Board saw a projection forend of the year by classification. The league received notification of additional charges for CYSA fees.

New Business – Proposed January Agenda items: Club fundraising for next year. Goals

for increased Parent participation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm

Los Gatos United Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm

Attendance: Matt Lopez, Paolo Cocchiglia, Chris Davis, Scott Colgan, Matt Van der Ahe, Anne Smets, AJ Escobar, Elaina Rosales, Nick Hatzke, Michelle Sellincourt, Sharon Kirk, and John Curtis.

Matt Lopez opened the meeting.  A quorum was determined present.

  • Previous Month Items
    • September Board Minutes were approved.
    • Motion to have LGUSL By-Laws approved by General Membership was approved.  Board to provide comments via email.
  • Rec Program – Update
    • Update was provided on the season
    • Discussion of End of Season Tournament events and responsibilities
    • The Board discussed ways to improve volunteer and specifically recruit and assist coaches.  The Board discussed using a volunteer buyout to finance discounts to coaches for registration fees.
    • There was interest in involving professional coaches in running practices.  A proposed structure needs to be developed before the next season.
  • Comp Program – Update
    • The board received an a Fall Season Update.
    • A motion was approved to purchase jackets for comp coaches provided that funds in Nike account are available.
    • There was discussion of the player fee structure.  A decision was taken to obtain benchmarking information from other comparable clubs.
    • Board will receive notes of Comp Committee Meeting.
  • Fields – Update
    • Board received an update on fields and new field access.
    • Discussion of Referees making decision to play or continue to play when weather or air quality is an issue.  Referees will make the decision.
  • Marketing
    • October newsletter was published
    • Discussion of LGUSL participation in Christmas Parade.  
  • Finance – The Treasurer shared a financial report and a forecast on our year end results.  A request was made to present financials with the profit and loss for the recreation program and the comp program shown separately.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:23 pm

Los Gatos United Soccer

Board Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2018

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm

Attendance: Paolo Cocchiglia, Wendy Riggs, Chris Davis, Anne Smets, AJ Escobar, Elaina Rosales, Nick Hatzke, Kelly Gray, Sharon Kirk, and John Curtis.

Wendy Riggs, VP for Administration opened the meeting.  A quorum was determined present.

  • Previous Month Items
    • August Board Minutes were approved.
    • The purchase of soccer goals for Fisher Middle School were approved by board email on  9/5/2018
  • LGUSL 2019 Strategic Plan
    • The Board discussed hosting a series of professionally facilitated Workshops for parents to listen to concerns and suggestions.  These would cover both recreational and competitive programs and could be divided by age groups. A separate session would be scheduled for coaches.  Input from these sessions would go into a strategic plan for the next 1-3 years. The required deliverables and support needed are a facilitator, parent survey, location, dates, and communications.
  • Rec Program – Update
    • An update was provided on number of players and teams in recreational program including requirements for the end of season tournament in November.
    • The Board approved School Sponsorships following review of a budget for area school marketing.  $5,500 approved to support local schools and to promote Los Gatos United through banners, t-shirts and other opportunities at schools.
    • There was a discussion about ways to encourage coaching and volunteering in the recreational program.  Programs in the area use volunteer buyouts and mandatory volunteer hours. There was discussion of barriers to coaching and ways LGUSL can support volunteer coaches with workshops and lesson planning.
  • Comp Program – Update
    • The board received an a Fall Season Update.  There was discussion of the coaches and players responsibilities for equipment at practices.  The issue will be discussed at the comp committee. Also discussed comp uniforms for 2019 and 2020 and new contract for kit including socks, shorts, home and away jerseys.  Topic will go to the comp committee meeting. Need decision by comp committee meeting next week.
  • Fields – LGUSL has secured all necessary fields, no shortage of space.  Also, necessary facilities have been deployed to all fields used by the league.
  • Marketing – September Edition of the League newsletter was released.
  • Finance – The Treasurer shared a financial report and a forecast on our year end results.
  • New Business

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm

Los Gatos United Soccer League

Board Meeting Minutes

Called to Order 7:00 PM – July 22 , 2018

Attendance – Paolo Cocchiglia, Chris Davis, Anne Smets, Matt Von Der Ahe, Scott Colgan, Matt Lopez, AJ Escobar, Kelly Gray, Sharon Kirk, and John Curtis.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm and a quorum was determined present.

The President reviewed the meeting agenda.

Minutes – The first order of business was to approve the minutes from May, 2018.  A motion to approve was made and the motion carried.

Bylaws – LGUSL Bylaws are being reviewed by the board. The board will discuss and collect proposed additions and edits and prepare the final Bylaws for approval at the January 2019 General Meeting.

Recreation Program

Age Group Coordinators (AGCs) – AGCs used this year to manage planning and communication with coaches on uniforms and practice times.

  • Registration – numbers and expected final registrations for recreational soccer program. About 800 registered players with 100 expected after registration deadline.
  • Teams are being balanced by ability and size.
  • Coaches are being identified
  • Coaching Meeting scheduled for August 21st at Daves Avenue Elementary.

Fields  – Discussed fields needed for upcoming Fall Season.

  • Update on renovations and configurations at Fisher Field.  
  • Discussion of assistance LGUSL can provide to Fisher Soccer Organization.  
  • Update on league artificial fields policy scheduled for August.

Marketing Update

Discussed strategic and tactical issues around marketing.  Discussed possible expenditures on marketing assistance.

Competitive Update

Start dates for practices is August 1st.  Some teams are already practicing with practice times remaining the same times as in Spring.  Same number of teams in each age group with one exception.

  • Practice Field locations:  Stratford, Leigh, Creekside   
  • Coach meeting next week  
  • Schedule for CYSL teams are available
  • Norcal schedule not out until Friday
  • First day of games is August 25th.   
  • Tournaments
    • At least one for each team.  
    • Scheduling – 4th weekend of each month reserved for tournaments
    • Managers responsible for scheduling tournaments and LGUSL to provide guidance on best tournaments to attend

Portland Tournament – 6 teams participating.  Teams will wear jerseys to Timbers game and be recognized at the field.

Fall Kick-off Tournament – Discussion of the status of Fall Kick-off Tournament and how to attract teams.

New Business

Holiday Party – Alternatives were discussed.  Anne will investigate proposed alternatives.

Referee Class – Class dates are August 14, 16 & 18 and held at LG United Methodist Church.  Class details to be emailed to all managers, Recreation, and Coaches.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.  Next Board meeting is scheduled for August 27th.

Los Gatos United Soccer League

Board Meeting Minutes

Called to Order 7:16 PM – May 21 , 2018

Attendance – Paolo Cocchiglia, Anne Smets, Matt Von Der Ahe, Scott Colgan, Matt Lopez, AJ Escobar, Kelly Gray, Sharon Kirk, Wendy Riggs and John Curtis.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:16 pm and a quorum was present.

The President reviewed the meeting agenda.

Minutes – The first order of business was to approve the minutes from March and April, 2018.  A motion to approve was made and the motion carried.

Bylaws – The Bylaws were shared with the board members and each member was tasked with reviewing their roles and responsibilities.  A motion was made to table the Bylaws until the June Meeting.

Fields  – An update was provided on Fields.  Stratford Field was cleared of debris and new wheels were installed on goals at Creekside.

Fisher – The new field at Fisher is expected to be open in the fall with the new school year.  A decision was taken to find out if teams at schools where LGUSL plays need new uniforms and whether help with the uniform is needed and how to budget for a uniform contribution.

There was a reminder on the application due date(s) to use LG area fields for next year.

Marketing Update

The board discussed the marketing plan for recreation and comp programs including calendar, website, social media sites, signage and flyers.  Discussion of collateral material to support fall rec program and how to engage the community. School flyer distribution is priority before school year ends.  A decision was made to create and distribute flyers to schools in the region.

Competitive Update

Mid-year tryouts occurring during practices began mid-May.  Goal is to fill out teams rather than add teams. Discussion of having two sign-ups (fall and spring) instead of a single pre-spring sign-up.  This would enable breaking up league fees between fall and spring and re-checking waivers for each season. Goal to for program additions. Discussion of formalizing goalie training as part of overall program.

Sign up for summer camps remain strong.  Two weeks of camps planned.

Recreation Program Update – Recreation sign up began in May and will go until July 1, then a late fee will be added.  Recreation program begins in August. Discussion around 5v5 or 7v7 for certain age groups and its impact on field size and size of teams.  Decision was made to reach out to coaches for input on team size. Age Group Coordinators role was discussed.

Fall Kick-off Tournament – Discussion was held on the format of the tournament and partners for the tournament.  LGUSL met with partner 501c(3) program – Kyle J. Taylor Foundation. Proposal for proceeds to go to LGUSL scholarships and to KJT Foundation.  Decision to hold the tournament on one weekend day. Discussion of type of divisions, format of 5v5 or 7v7.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:23 pm.  Next Board meeting is June 26th.

Los Gatos United Soccer League

Board Meeting Minutes

Called to Order 7:21 PM – April 23 , 2018

Attendance – Paolo Cocchiglia, Chris Davis, Matt Von Der Ahe, Scott Colgan, Matt Lopez, AJ Escobar, Kelly Gray, Elaina Rosales, Sharon Kirk, Wendy Riggs and John Curtis.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:21 pm

A Quorum was determined present, the Agenda was reviewed and meeting commenced.


Spring Rec Program and Camp Update

There is an increase in the number of players over last year.  Program in full swing with 240 players. Summer camp registrations are positive and have added a second week.  There was discussion of adding a drop-in option for players.


Rec Program

The board was updated on preparation for Fall Recreation Program. There was discussion of the age group coordinator role and how to communicate the duties.  The cancellation policy was also discussed and key dates. Marketing and Rec program staff will update the language on the website and in emails. There is a full refund before July 1 and a 50% refund if canceled between July 15th and first week of practice. The board will conduct outreach for the events coordinator role. Registration set to open May 1st.  There was discussion of the uniform vendor and how to better distribute uniforms.


Tournament Idea  

There was discussion of co-hosting a tournament and fundraiser with the Kyle Taylor foundation.  Adult and Kid teams on one day at one location. Board needs a couple of volunteers to begin planning.  Need to secure field and announce the tournament soon. Administrative details were discussed.

Decide the size of team (3v3, 5v5 etc.) which could be different for lower age groups.  Discussions to take place with the foundation.


Competitive Program Update

There was an update on the number of players participating in the comp program. A couple teams are working to shore up the number of players.  There was a discussion on the need to train goalies and what the organization can do to support goalies.

Portland Tournament a success with 3 teams confirmed and another 2 working towards joining.  There was a suggestion to repeat the Portland tournament next year.

Each spring and fall team managers have $500 to apply to tournaments costs.

Mid-year tryouts to occur at practice from Mid May to June.  Discussion of messaging and that players can be moved up and down.  


Marketing Update

New website is live. Announcements will be made for Los Gatos Night at SJ  Quakes, new website and Registration for Fall Rec program.


Referee Class

There was an update on the recent referee class that included 45 referees.


Coach Evaluations

This week finalizing coach evaluations.  Last coaching meeting, evaluation form criteria was reviewed.  The Coach evaluation form will be shared with the board.


New Business

Need to review and update the current bylaws which have been shared with the board.  Request to review your specific area, board role and recommend changes. Please update and review the bylaws by May 15th.    The Board will call a General Meeting to approve and changes.

The board discussions on how to improve field access and what advantages organizations with a non-profit status have with local school districts and parks departments.

There was a discussion about altering the way fees are charged/allocated within the registration fees to align with the payments to the leagues and charge league fees for spring and fall separately.  Board has shared a document with board contact information. The board members were requested to update contact information.

Next board meeting is Monday, May 21st.

Motion to adjourn. Approved. 8:29 pm

Los Gatos United Soccer League Board Meeting Minutes

Called to Order 7:13 PM – March 26 , 2018

Attendance – Paolo Cocchiglia, Chris Davis, Nick Hatzke, Anne Smets, Matt Von Der Ahe, Scott Colgan, Matt Lopez, AJ Escobar, Kelly Gray, Elaina Rosales (Rec Registrar), Sharon Kirk, Wendy Riggs and John Curtis.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:13 pm

Discussion of Recreation Program Planning

The board received an update on the Recreation Program and key dates.  There was discussion of when registration would begin, when intermediate activities should commence,  and what registration deadlines to impose. There was also discussion of the size of participation last year and what to expect this year.   A request was made to review key dates and terms of key vendor contracts for Rec Program and report back to the board.


Competitive Program Update

KGS provided an update on the activities in the competitive program.  All teams currently practicing and playing games. Most teams now have a full schedule.  

Discussion of summer camp registration status and decision to add a 2nd camp due to demand.

An update was also provided on the Club-wide Nike tournament in scheduled in Portland in July.  Nike sponsors the tournament. There was a discussion of the key events at the tournament and deadline dates for evaluating which teams will be able to participate.

There was a discussion of the number of tournaments comp teams participate in and the team tournament budget.

There was discussion of the decision to move comp tryouts to the spring.  NorCal has moved tryout dates to May.


Marketing and Communication

The board reviewed the new website layout. Board members were asked to review certain sections for feedback including the FAQs, comment on some stylistic elements, and T&Cs.

Feedback from board on new website needed by Thursday, March 30.  Website live next Tuesday.



There was discussion of administrative matters including updating board emails and communication.  There was a request for new email addresses for board members so the board list can be updated.

There was a request to look for new monthly fundraiser opportunities.  If you are out and interact with a local business, be an ambassador for LGUSL.  League has access to tools such as website and email to promote the business and fundraising.

New Business

Heather Sexton  was introduced as new LGUSL Bookkeeper.  A document with LGUSL financials as a graph was also shared with the board.

Reminder that LGUSL is looking for a Special Events Board Member.  Responsibilities include Christmas Parade, fundraisers and other activities such as the proposed season kick-off tournament.

Board discussed working with KGS to organize Data on sources of comp and rec players to better forecast demand for recreational, comp and camp programs.

Christmas Dinner – same location.  December 3rd is the date for 2018

Announced next meeting date: April 23 is fourth monday.

A motion was made to adjourn meeting.  Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Los Gatos United Soccer League

Annual Public Meeting and Board Meeting Minutes

Called to Order 7:14 PM – February 26, 2018

Attendance – Paolo Cocchiglia, Chris Davis, Nick Hatzke, Anne Smets, Scott Coldan, Matt Lopez, AJ Escobar, Kelly Gray, Elaina Rosales (Rec Registrar), Sharon Kirk, and John Curtis

Meeting called to order at 7:14 pm by Matt Lopez

January Board Meeting minutes approved – Scott Colgan made motion and the motion carried.

Next order of business is the 2018 Budget

Matt distributed 2018 Budget for review and discussion.

Question about the number Norcal vs. CCSL teams. LGUSL registered 9-10 teams in Norcal and 26 teams in CCSL.

On Balance Sheet – Reserve for field improvements – Paolo asked about the reserve.

Matt explained that this was reserved for Fisher field improvements

Use funds to pay extra fees for fields Creekside has not billed LGUSL yet for 2017 also guessing

On what expenses, in this year’s budget, were expenses incurred last year. Anne said that we expect some expenses to go up. John asked about budget comparison to actuals in 2017 for trends. Anne said that it is difficult to compare year to year as financial changes occur in treasurer role. Kelly said that historically, expenses ratchet up and then LGUSL increases its fees to comp program and tends to catch up. Kelly said that there is a big influx of cash in December from Comp.

For forecasting, Kelly said that he looks at pre-school registration for trends in Los Gatos and the wider market.

Question – when was last time fees were raised? – Rec was raised in 2017 and Comp raised in 2016. Some discussion of how much rec fees were raised. Some discussion of raising Comp fees in 2019.

John asked about the amount of insurance budgeted. Anne explained that certain insurance was purchased directly by LGUSL and additional insurance is included due to member fees paid to CYSL. Additional business insurance is carried by KGS. Paolo asked about the reliance on

the rec program for profitability. Going younger in Comp will take coaches away from the recreational program. Communication is better for the Comp program. Motion to approve the Budget was passed.

Fields and scheduling of Rec and Comp games

Discussion of availability of fields on Saturday morning. Creekside is available after 2pm on Saturday and all day Sunday. Stratford is available all day Saturday.

Discussion of the need on Saturday for a field to accommodate 11 v 11 game. Spring Rec scheduling is done and will be held at Lee HS. How to solve Saturday fields. 180 games to schedule. 36 teams x 5 home games. All 7v7 games on Saturday at Stratford and cancel Sunday options for 7v7. Using Lee is not a good option. Comp games to HS to open up Creekside and cone it off. Matt suggested using a stretched webbing across the field to better divide fields.

Option 1 is 7v7 on Saturdays

Option 2 is using webbing for field at Lee.

Saturday morning rental of Los Gatos fields. CCSL get Saturday Full size 11 v11 on Saturday. Los Gatos High School request is 8am – 2 pm. Paolo and Matt will take what they will give us. Sunday is ok too.

Recreational Program Planning

Matt and Chris. How do we improve the process for Rec in March/April. Last year LGUSL did not have a good sense of the numbers. Early bird special posted at Easter. Also discussion of incentive for coaches. Need to nail down registration dates – what are the dates. Incentive vs. late fee. Bonus for referrals? Should something be offered for age group coordinators? How many do we need? Chris said 12. Chris has language on what the age group coordinator does and how many hours it takes during pre-season and during the season.


Discussion of what dates to advertise for Fall Rec. 180 players now for spring probably 220. Fall is 900+. 300 late reservations and fees were waived where players were needed. Order extra uniforms so no team is without a uniform. Everyone gets a buddy request. Only 30% request a buddy. Discussion of fact that South Bay allows whole teams.

Discussion of registration open date – May 1 or May 15th. First message earlier. Open May 1st and get the school information for the Wednesday newsletter. Late Fee, June 30th Early Bird price is same as regular fee last year. Then non-early bird fee includes what used to be the late fee. Can Bonzi take donations?

$250 was fee last year.

Spring Rec, Clinics, Camps, Elite Clinics – all Cinch

Comp Update

KGS provided an update on registrations. 397 players paid in Bonzi – 36 which is up 4 from. Open tryouts occuring now and expecting 50 players from tryouts. All teams practice for 3 teams. Norcal schedules released this week. CCSL registration starts. Prelims in 1.5 weeks for CCSL.

KGS winter futsal – great participation

Spring Rec – 180-220 players registered to play Sunday 9-11 at HS

Summer Camps registration is open right now. $99 for a full day – cap at 100 players. Now at 65 players.

Signs for summer camps around town.

New Offering for Competitive

Currently LGUSL doesn’t offer something for our best players. Plan to offer a Summer Elite Academy – high level players to train through the summer 2 days of week. Santa Clara University and San Jose State University have offered coaches as speakers. Camp will focus more on the mental side, confidence building, team building. 2 hr – 1.15 of physical and .45 of mental. Tuesday and Thursday. 6 weeks. $350 cost. Day camp is geared towards rec players. Comp players are pushed off to someone else for day camp.

Marketing and Website

Scott Colgan – Website is coming online soon. Couple of days for the link. Scott showed mobile demo with field open indicator on the bottom. Feedback from parents over the year and incorporate them into the website. Involved for coaching, refs, board, league sponsorship and donation. Launch by the end of the week. Question from AJ – Ref class

Sportisimo – Sergio is up for 10% off for a 2 week period. Program with Sportissimo as fundraiser for 10% going to LGUSL. Big items plus one a month small items.

Parents feedback – discussion of how to get better feedback from parents on website. Suggested a feedback button on the website. How to follow up on feedback sent?

Fall kick off event

Matt has proposed kick off event for LGUSL. Tried and adult league. Event focused on Soccer. Parents Tournament. 20 teams, 7 v7 and non-contact. Mix team based on skill level. Same location that coaches and players can pick up uniforms. Includes everyone. After school starts and before labor day. 1,500 players – 2,500 and 5,000. 20 teams of 10. 25th of August. Matt suggested 2 brackets one is rec and one is open. With other teams coming from adult groups/companies. Charge $25 and charge for food trucks. 20 teams double elim. 38 games.

Recruit coaches for rec during the event. Discussion of different levels. Scott will help Matt and will form sub-group to plan and execute.

New Business

Los Gatos United – Earthquake event. Players get to walk on the field. Discount in general 15-20 bucks and all in one section. Fun Zone. May 19th wear uniform.

Side skills activities. Asked to think about what league can can we give away as swag.

Player Kyle Taylor is 19 had heart attack on Thursday. Request to do something for the family. In Past LGUSL has made donations up to $250 or provided flowers. Know the family. Go Fund Me page is to support family for medical expenses. Can LGUSL website link to Go Fund Me to website?

A motion to approve $250 contribution to go fund me page and link site to website was approved. Agreed to reach out to family about linking to gofundme website.

Motion to adjourn at 9:08 pm. Motion passed.



Nov 27, 2017

7:20pm Meeting Commenced


Items Requiring Vote


  • Approved October Minutes




  • Tryouts
  • Began today – 408 participants registered.
  • Expect about 500 players for spring
  • Tom Sutton – Manager Liason
  • Report to Sharon
  • Team Managers – trainings and webinars and each program used to schedule games, register players, etc.
  • Age Group Managers
  • On Dec 11th will send out a registration email test
  • Invites to be sent starting on the 15th
  • Develop flyers for tryouts with important dates for 2018




  • POLG
  • Parade only has 20 sign ups
  • Would like to have some Banners for the Parade
  • Scott and Matt will work on a Fundraising plan for 2018
  • LG Rec – Intro to Director to discuss after school programs




  • Fustal
  • Small Sided Games.  Build teams based on attendance
  • For competitive level players
  • Will begin Jan 14th
  • Spring Rec to begin March 25th and go for 10 weeks
  • Registration to begin in January
  • Changing comp team levels to Academy and Pre-Academy
  • Uniforms will need to be ordered at the End of January to have in time for Spring Season




  • Play through program will continue with Alamaden for Fall.


Adjourned at 8:41pm


Field update


  • Complaints from residents near Stratford about parking and drop-off on Kentfield.  Need to remind all comp families about rules at Stratford.
  • Email to POLG players about rules prior to tourney weekend.





  • Review of website update proposals
  • Motion to award project to Scott Colgan approved




  • No updates on Firenza fundraiser
  • Move to monthly fundraiser with local companies




  • Futsal King reached out to league to ask to market to membership.  Through LGS rec. Board did not come to decision
  • Anne to identify location for Board holiday event
  • 2018 Budget – Board to email Anne with changes or adds by Nov 15th.


Action Items


  • Board Slate for 2018
  • Recruit board members
  • Info Night agenda and planning


9:28pm Meeting adjourned



September 25, 2017, 7:13pm



  • Items Requiring Vote:
  • August Board Meeting minutes – Approved
  • Approval of updated 2017 Board Slate – Approved
  • LGUSL Monthly Board Meeting Items:
  • Report/Updates
  • Competitive update –
  • 4 tournaments recently with three wins
  • 1 unhappy age group 05 girls white – originally 3 teams of 14 each rosters – multiple drops before the season all games now with guest players
  • Start tryouts earlier this year
  • Use previous data to estimate team quantities
  • League pays for 1 tournament – $500 credit
  • 1 in spring
  • 2-3 in fall
  • Managers should cushion additional cost requests to plan for non players (guests) and scholarships
  • Goalkeeper sessions – Wed 5-6:30pm Creekside
  • Recreational Update –
  • 897 players – 69 teams
  • Waiting for CYS to update Bonzi, Coaches updated
  • Make up picture day Oct 14th
  • Coaches Shirts ordered
  • Chris and Sharon building docs for Spring
  • POLG – AJ to create tourney schedule – Chris to place teams
  • Need volunteers for POLG –
  • Field Marshalls
  • Tourney organizer
  • Cinch
  • Action items for KGS – follow up meeting with Wendy and Anne
  • Fields
  • Need to provide Neal at Fisher info on Liverpool non-profit status
  • Reach out to Neal regarding Fisher field access
  • Access to High School on Sundays
  • Leigh HS full access.  Working on lining options
  • Nick – Stratford needs to GO
  • Marketing
  • Transfer hosting to LGUSL.  KGS uses dreamhost
  • Send Logos to Scott
  • Email coaches
  • Email membership on fields
  • Creative Brief
  • Key sections
  • Functionality
  • What are we looking for?
  • Email for volunteers
  • Request for AGC’s
  • Field Marshalls (POLG)
  • Tryout dates
  • New Business
  • Need a school liaison
  • Financial update
  • Comp payments options 1 or 2 pay options to simplify bookkeeping
  • Cora needs stripe reports and cinch reports
  • Awards for rec
  • U6-U9 – little trophy
  • U10-U12 – participation medal
  • Tourney – trophies for every player from 1st place teams
  • U12 – Jamba Juice cards
  • Recruit board members
  • Nominating committee
  • Information night
  • Strategic plan – What’s needed and what can be accomplished
  • Committees
  • Nominating (Matt L, Scott, Rich, Wendy)
  • Recreation (Matt V, Chris, Sharon)
  • Competitive (Kelly, Nick, Team Manager (Tom Sutton), Comp Director(Mark Peattie), President)
  • Marketing (Scott, Rec, Comp, President)
  • Finance (Wendy, Anne, ?)
  • Meeting adjourned 9:37pm