Air Quality
Los Gatos United takes our players' health and safety very seriously. We use to monitor air quality. Please read this post for league policy.

Los Gatos United takes our players’ health and safety very seriously. The League uses to receive air quality updates, and during fire season the air quality is checked daily if levels are elevated.

Our policy for air quality is as follows:

  • When air quality has been consistently dangerous/elevated, games/practices will be canceled and rescheduled as needed.  Coaches and managers will be notified with as much lead time as possible for changes.
  • In the event of a sudden change in air quality, due to a new fire, games in progress and scheduled games will be assessed by location and the referee has the authority to call the game if deemed unsafe.
    • These games (Unplayed) will not be considered a forfeit and will be rescheduled if needed.
    • Games called that are already in progress will finalize with the score at the time the game is called.
  • If a parent does not want their child to play in a game where air quality is a question, especially due to asthma or other health concerns, coaches should be notified as soon as possible.
    • Parents should always follow their child’s Asthma Action Plan

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