New Club


“I want to support Los Gatos boys and girls in fulfilling their soccer dreams – whether that’s being successful in a local competition or finding a path to play professionally.”

A New Direction

  • COLLABORATION – we continually foster healthy relationships with everyone in the soccer community
  • FUN – we always encourage and celebrate joy in the sport
  • IMPACT – we have a people first approach, striving to make a difference, on and off the field
  • CHARACTER – we do the right thing, always maintaining high ethical standards for players, coaches and staff
  • COMPETITION – we believe healthy competition is essential to progress and growth
  • EDUCATION – we are committed to constant progress/development for all members of our club


“I’ve known Shaun for 30 years, so I never dreamed we would come full circle, having both played here as kids, to now leading this club together in a new and exciting direction.”