Frequently Asked Questions

Fall Season:
Requests received on or before May 31, 2019 will be fully refunded minus the $250 registration fee.

Requests received on or after June 1, 2019 will not be refunded.*

Spring Season:
Requests or notifications to leave the club and receive a refund for Spring 2020 season, between December 1, 2019 and January 15, 2020, will result in automatic stoppage of any future payments.

Requests received on or after 1/15/2020 will not be refunded.

* Players with a medical hardship will be handled on a case by case basis.

* Players who move out of town will be handled on a case by case basis

The Competitive Committee will have the final decision on all refund requests.  Decisions are not made by the Coaches or Team Managers. Refund requests should be made to the Registrar,  The date of the email will be the confirmation date for the request.

No jewelry of any kind (earring, watches, necklaces etc.) is permitted on the field for both practice and games for any age group. Earrings cannot be taped.

Players having splints or casts will be permitted to play with the permission of the referee. It is recommended that bubble wrap is used to protect the cast or splint for safety purposes. If in the opinion of the referee, the splint or cast causes a safety hazard, the player will not be allowed to play. For players wearing glasses, safety straps are encouraged.

All players whether in the competitive or recreation league are required to wear soccer cleats, soccer socks, and shin guards during practice. Each player should bring a soccer ball (see soccer ball size FAQ) and water to every practice.  Firm ground cleats are an ideal choice for practicing on natural grass. Turf shoes are an option for play on artificial turf.

All players whether in the competitive or recreation league are required to wear soccer cleats, soccer socks, and shin guards to practice. Additionally, all players must wear their Los Gatos United soccer team uniform to games (jersey, shorts and socks). Each player should bring a soccer ball (see soccer ball size FAQ) and water to every practice.  Firm ground cleats are an ideal choice for practicing on natural grass. Turf shoes are an option for play on artificial turf.

All age groups are based on the calendar year of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. The decision to combine age groups is based on the number of players registered in each age group. By combining age groups we can create more teams allowing for a better more exciting experience for all of the players.

<link>Chart image – Us Age groups chart

<link>Chart image – US Soccer standard chart by age group.

Los Gatos United provides financial aid in the form of scholarships to those who qualify through our partner TADS.  To submit your application please click on the button below and complete the necessary steps.

Coaches will notify parents between August 21st and August 27th.

Age groups 2008 and older practice two (2) days a week. Practice times and location will be set and communicated by your coach.

Age groups that are 2009 and younger have been assigned the following weekly practice days.



Game schedules will be available the week of August 21st via your coach and the Los Gatos United website. All Fall Recreation League games are played on Saturday at Los Gatos and Union School District fields.

In response to consistent feedback from our community, we decided to assign practice days for our age groups that practice once a week. The league has always asked our members to make themselves available Monday through Friday for practices, but every year many families request drops and transfers to other teams as a result of scheduling conflicts.  It undermines our policy of balanced teams and keeping teams at a healthy size, and made the beginning of the season chaotic for coaches, families, and administrators.

We did not assign practice days to age groups that practice twice a week (2008 and older). Since we are asking volunteer coaches to volunteer 2 evenings a week, we felt we needed to be more flexible to meet our coaches’ scheduling needs.

As part of the registration fee, LGUSL provides every child with a full team uniform. This includes a jersey, shorts, and colored socks.

Every child must have soccer cleats (NO baseball cleats allowed) and shin guards in order to play at practices and in games. We also request that each child bring an appropriately sized soccer ball and a water bottle to all practices and games as well.

2013-2009Size 3
2008-2006Size 4
2005-2002Size 5

Our league uses the goalkeeper position in the 2009 and older age groups. All coaches are encouraged to let interested players have a turn in the goal, as long as it is determined to be safe for that player.

We do not accept buddy and coach requests.  Requests that are e-mailed to the league will be disregarded. Our leadership works hard to make the most balanced teams possible, so that games are both fun and challenging for every player.

Expanding the circle of people you and your child knows is one of the benefits to playing soccer in LGUSL!

The only exception is if a parent volunteers for a role that allows for a request.

Los Gatos United does not encourage families to submit friend requests. We ask this because of the complexity of placing players on teams as we lead up to the start of the season and the fact that the league encourages players to participate because of their individual desire to play soccer. However players of coaches and assistant coaches will be assigned to the same time. In some cases we may be able to accommodate extra-ordinary circumstances. If you would like to request to have your child to play on the same team as a friend please email our league registrar at

We will not change a player’s age group to accommodate a scheduling conflict. CYSA, our governing organization, dictates the guidelines for age requirements for all player age group assignments.

Our league follows the international model of player development, focusing on individual skills in the early years, and branching into team elements as they get older. Playing numbers smaller than 11v11 is beneficial for all players as they have more opportunity to touch the ball. All of these numbers-a-side represent “real soccer games”, and set our players up for success and growth.

Los Gatos United follows the guidance of US Soccer and the rules and regulations that they recommend.  You can find this information on the main recreational page.

LGUSL prioritizes team placement by registration date. We will make as many teams as possible, dependent upon the number of volunteer coaches, and will do our best to place every registered child onto a team. However, if you registered your child after June 15 or if we do not have enough volunteer coaches in your child’s age group, you may be notified that your child is on a waitlist.

LGUSL serves an area that includes Los Gatos and parts of the Cambrian area of San Jose. Majority of our players are from the Los Gatos and Union school districts. All teams will include children from both school districts, and the practice location will be independent of team makeup.  We do not have “Fisher teams”, “Blossom Hill teams”, or “Noddin teams”. We will make every attempt to group 3-4 players from a school together so that everyone has a familiar face on their team, and, at the same time, every team will have at least three schools represented.

the end of your child’s time in recreational soccer, they will know kids from many schools in the surrounding areas.

After registering your player, you will have the option to register to volunteer. If you have already registered your player, you can go back in to the registration system and register as a volunteer. Please make sure you select the player that you are volunteering to coach.

You MUST complete all coaching requirements. CYSA clearance through fingerprinting is required.

If your name was on the golden rod last year or the year before, or you coached in a different CYSA league, you should be cleared for this year. AGCs will be communicating on this topic in June.

LGUSL historically encouraged 2 parents to pair together as a coaching team.  In recent years, the league has bent and allowed 3 parents to cluster together per requests, but we have consistently encountered problems with these larger clusters.  A cluster of 3 coaches per team frequently correlated with too many advanced players needing to be assigned to the same team.  We would also have the scenario of 3 teams in an age group with 9 coaches between, then 2 teams with only a head coach and still need another team to make the age group work well. It just is not an ideal way of distributing our parent volunteers and creates more issues than solutions.

Coaching is a big job! And if there are enough assistant coaches to go around the league will absolutely assign a 2nd assistant coach whenever possible.  The Rec Commissioners will coordinate those assignments in late June. However, we will no longer accept initial group of 3 parents clustered together.

Our league places players in age groups per CYSA new age matrix. No exception except in those age groups that the league historically has combined (eg U12, U14). The league reserves the right to combine other age groups together if needed.

As part of our league’s desire to run more efficiently and to be fully aligned with our governing agency’s requirements, we have removed processes that allow for exceptions to CYSA’s guidelines.

No, you do not have to have coaching or soccer experience. The league supports our coaches with age specific practice plans, and offers coach training seminars and classes.

If you believe that a coach is acting inappropriately or not following LGUSL Rec guidelines, please email our Rec Director of Coaching Matt Von Der Ahe, at

Unfortunately, due to limited field availability, the league cannot reschedule individual practices or games that are cancelled due to weather.  Rainouts are determined by the League’s field operations team. If a site becomes unavailable due to a one-time school event (for example, a walk-a-thon), the league will reschedule the games to an alternate site, and/or move games to Sunday. If multiple games are cancelled due to rain in a given season, the League may choose to accommodate additional games by lengthening the season, or scheduling on a Sunday.

No. You can coordinate with the coach of your opponent to borrow players or play the game with fewer numbers per side. Our league does not keep standings where wins and losses are reported. We encourage coaches to work together to facilitate a positive soccer experience for the players on both teams.

The Copa de Los Gatos game schedule will be released to coaches and posted onto the LGUSL website on or before October 31, 2018.

There are 2 different reasons for this to happen.

  1. We do not have enough coaches to place all players that registered on time. The League will send out requests for more coaches to avoid not placing players to a team.
  2. Sometimes we have only a few players waitlisted, but there are not enough to create an additional team.

Each age group runs independently in terms of numbers per team, and numbers of parents volunteering to coach, so yes you could register 2 players at the same time and have one be placed to a team and another placed to a waitlist.

Yes – all players on the waitlist should complete registration, including paying, submitting 1601 forms, & submitting proof of age. We will only place players to teams that have completed all registration requirements. If your player is not placed to a team by the first week of games, you will receive a full refund.

All games are played on Saturday and Sunday. and release preliminary team game schedules in February. Team schedulers will work with schedulers from other teams to finalize dates and times of each game.