League Rules

CCSLCoast/Bay Rules Summary

Match Cards

Home team to print three copies. Away team is also to print three copies as a backup. Home team to give one match card to the Referee. After the game, the referee signs all three copies. Team officials sign all three copies. The referee keeps one copy.

League Director will refer to the match card to verify if a player was checked in. Please use checks to verify that the player presented a pass and the name on the pass and on the match card match.

Teams may request a copy of the match card showing who is checked in (take a picture) or referee can update the team’s signed copy


Players – No pass no play.

Spring – Blue or White CYSA passes or USClub passes or AYSO passes or USYS passes. All passes must be from the same issuer (all CYSA or all AYSO or all USClub). CYSA and USYS passes can be mixed (Blue and White CYSA passes can be mixed) Checking passes is transparent. i.e. teams can see the passes of the other team.

Referees do not have to determine if a player is legal beyond confirming that they have a pass and the photo matches the pass and that they are not too old to play with the age group. Questions as to whether a player is the correct playing level or not or if they can play with a particular pass can be referred to the league director. Encourage teams to take a photo of the roster with the players checked in and forward to League Director (CoastDirector@CalNorth.org) with the question.


Names of Players and Adults currently serving suspensions for misconduct or concussion protocol will be red lined on the match card. Red lined players or adults may have a valid pass, but may not participate in the match.

Number of Players & Game Day Roster

7v7 Matches — Maximum Game Day Roster is 14

9v9 Matches & 11v11 Matches — Maximum Game Day Roster is 18

*Guest players can be handwritten on the roster, but they must be clearly identified as guests on the match card.


At least one adult must have a pass. Only adults with passes on the team side. Maximum of 5 adults including at half time.

Send offs and Incidents

Do NOT retain the pass. Complete online report at:


Player injury? One team no-shows? Abandon the match? Terminate the match? Call the Police? See signs of a concussion?

Complete the League Incident Report (also on the referee’s procedures page) and tell your Assignor.

Players that sustain any kind of head impact or injury are to be asked to leave the field. Do not allow the player to return if you detect any symptom of a concussion. You may confiscate the player pass of a player and deliver that pass to a league or club official. The CCSL Game Day Instructions state, “The actions of the referee are not intended to indicate any type of medical diagnosis, they are simply being asked to use their judgment regarding a possible concussion for the safety of the player. If a referee does not ask that a player is removed from the match, the coach is still responsible for protecting the safety of the player and following the Cal North Concussion Procedure and Protocol.”

If you fill out an Incident Report, the League Director will also follow up.


Hydration breaks are permitted in hot weather.

Blow Out Rule

Spring: Goal differential of greater than 7 in all brackets will cause loss of a point in the standings. Not something you need to manage, but good to know.

Deliberate Heading

In U13 matches and younger, the deliberate heading of the ball is to be whistled. Award an IFK for the opponents. In 7v7 matches where there is no goal area, IFK awarded to the attackers within the penalty area are to be taken from the penalty area line parallel to the goal line closest to the point of the infraction.

9v9 & 11v11 – Deliberate heading in the penalty area and the goal area – the resulting IFK follows the restart laws outlined in Law 13 (position of the ball, the position of defenders)

Players that are 12 years old and younger are not permitted to head the ball. If such a player is “playing up” say on a U14 team they are still not permitted to head the ball, but referees are not expected to know which players are 12 and which players are 13 years old.

U13 teams with both 12-year-old and 13-year-old players – none of the players will be permitted to head the ball.

Ball Size

  • U8 – U12: Size 4
  • Spring U12: Size 5
  • U13+: Size 5

Field Markings 7v7 (Suggested)

  • 7 or 8 yd radius center circle
  • 10 yd x 26 yd penalty area
  • No penalty spot
  • No goal area
  • 2 ft corner arcs
  • 6ft by 6yd or 7 ft by 7 yd goals

Field Markings 9v9 (Suggested)

  • 8 yd radius center circle
  • 12 yd by 30 yd penalty area
  • 7 yd penalty spot
  • 2 ft corner arcs
  • 6ft by 6yd or 7 ft by 7 yd goals

7 v 7 Specific Rules

Spring: U08 and U09 & Fall: U09 and U10

  • No PK ‘s – IFK from the closest edge of penalty area.
  • No Goal Area. No Penalty spot. 6×18 ft goals (or 7×21 ft goals)
  • All free kicks are indirect
  • 7 yds instead of 10 yds
  • A goal kick from penalty area.- opponents 8 yds away.
  • Goal kicks and thrown or punted balls by the goalkeeper must touch a player or ground before crossing the halfway line. The infraction is an IFK for the opponents at the halfway line.
  • The intent of this rule is that the ball out of the goalie’s hands in any way must touch the ground or player. Some coaches are trying to “get around” this with half and full volley kicks. This is not the intent of the rule. This will be conveyed to coaches in 7v7.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-off. Restart with a Goal Kick
  • No slide tackling. This is a specific Coast/Bay rule and is not found in the general rules. Award an IFK to the opponents.
  • One re-throw on foul throws permitted. Educate the players. Also, a specific Coast/Bay rule and not found in the general CCSL rules.
  • Minimum 5 players to start or continue.
  • One referee and 2 club line.
  • No deliberate heading.

9 v 9 Specific Rules

Spring: U10 and U11 & Fall: U11 and U12

  • 7 yds instead of 10 yds.
  • Restarts per Law 12. – Both IFK and DFK
  • A goal kick from the goal area
  • PK from 11 yds, not 12 yds
  • Minimum number of players is 6 to start or continue a game
  • Three referees.
  • No deliberate heading.

U13 & older FALL & U12 & older SPRING

  • 11v11 Per FIFA
  • Match length, substitution and field size exceptions

Match Length

  • U08-U10 2 – 25 minute halves (Spring U10 2-30 minute halves)
  • U11-U12 2 – 30 minute halves (Spring U12 2-35 minute halves)
  • U13-U14 2 – 35 minute halves
  • U15-U16 2 – 40 minute halves
  • U17-U19 2 – 45 minute halves
  • 10-minute minimum rest period at the half.

Orthopedic Supports

Knee and ankle braces okay – hard parts padded.

Hard arm/wrist splints may be allowed – if no danger.

Soft cast okay – if no danger.

Hard casts that cover the entire circumference of the arm/wrist are NOT permitted (even if padded).

Links: www.CalNorth.org

Rules found here: http://calnorth.org/documents/#/ccsl

Send off and Incident Reports for CCSL games: http://calnorth.org/ccsl-referee-procedures/

Jewelry Policy

Per CYSA Cal North regulations, all jewelry must be removed before each game. The full text is available here: http://calnorth.org/pims/

As a league, we consider newly pierced ears as having “non-removable jewelry,” and adhere to the CYSA protocol for allowing permanently attached jewelry.

If you choose to complete, sign, and submit a “Liability Release and Waiver for Jewelry or Items Permanently Attached,” you are acknowledging that you are willing to accept the associated risks.

All parents who want their player to play with earrings will need to submit the form to the referee and have the player tape their earrings. The spirit of this allowance is only for newly-pierced earrings (within 6 weeks of piercing).

Please download the waiver from CYSA’s website.

Please be aware that the game official always makes the final decision as to whether or not a participant is safe to play, and therefore has the discretion to reject the jewelry waiver.