Code of Conduct

Parents and Players of the league please read and abide by the following Codes of Conduct while at practices and games.

Parent’s Code of Conduct

  • Know and respect the rules of soccer and abide by them at all times
  • Show respect and courtesy to officials and coaches by following their instructions and directions
  • Respect the game officials and refrain from addressing them or commenting on their decisions during or after the game.
  • Maintain control, avoiding the use of abusive or profane language, taunting or humiliating remarks, and/or gestures and physical assault upon another player at any time
  • Respect the coaches and players of the opposing team and display sportsmanship at the conclusion of a game and be humble and generous in victory and proud and courteous in defeat.
  • Follow all Association rules, respecting at all times the property of others.

Player’s Code of Conduct

  • Learn and respect the rules of soccer.
  • Show respect and courtesy to game officials, coaches, and players at all times.
  • Respect the game officials and refrain from questioning their decisions or from addressing them in a loud, disrespectful, or abusive manner.
  • Cheer for your child’s team in a positive manner, refraining at all times from making negative or abusive remarks about the opposing team. Maintain control of your emotions and avoid actions, language, and/or gestures that may be interpreted as hostile and humiliating.
  • Ensure that your child is at all games and practices at the required time or provide the coach with an appropriate excuse beforehand.
  • Demonstrate appropriate gestures of sportsmanship at the conclusion of a game, win or lose.
  • Teach and practice good sportsmanship and fair play by personally demonstrating a commitment to these virtues.
  • Promote the concept that soccer is merely a game and that players and coaches on other teams are opponents, not enemies.