Mission & Philosophy

At LOS GATOS UNITED our MISSION is to prepare our players for the future, both on and off the field. We do so by creating a safe, positive, and fun environment where our players will learn to be better people through the game of soccer. Not only will we teach them the critical fundamentals of soccer, but we will reinforce non-soccer specific skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, responsibility, discipline, and respect.


Some say the best position in all of sports, is quarterback for a football team, because you get to decide where the ball goes on each play. In soccer, everyone gets to be the quarterback when they get the ball. How well you can control the ball and what you do with it next, is what separates players. Soccer is all about the art of controlling the ball with any part of your body, besides your arms and hands. Every time the ball comes to you, you must control it first, then make a decision what do with it next, and you always have three options: 1. Dribble, 2. Pass, or 3. Shoot.

Each player needs to learn all the basic techniques to execute one of these options. In addition to the technique drills, each player needs to learn how to move like a soccer player in every situation.

Basic movements and fundamental psychomotor drills focussing on quickness, strength, speed, power, endurance, and agility drills will help each player execute the necessary skills required in a soccer game. Once the players learn all the techniques and how to orient and control their body movements as they move around the field, then we can explore some tactics.

This includes learning basic starting shape. Attaching patterns. Building out of back patterns. Midfield possession. Knowing when to attack, when to just keep it, when to speed up or slow down play, etc. takes time, and players will learn this for the rest of their careers. There is so much to learn. New situations arrive in every game, where you get the ball at a new trajectory, angle, speed to a different part or your body. You must be able to control it away from where a defender could possibly take it, and move onto the next decision. Each player needs to continue to sharpen or improve their techniques and fitness throughout the entire season. The last section, maybe the most important is.

Here, we stress the importance of being a good teammate, that is mentally strong, has a positive attitude, is coachable, hard-working, determined, and always exhibits game speed effort. This should be incorporated throughout the entire training process, in every drill, practice, game or team event.