Professional Coaches

Our comp league coaches provide a dynamic and intensive structure too every training, in order to ensure individual and team success. All coaches are paid staff that comes from a variety of playing and coaching backgrounds including; collegiate, professional, and international.

Our coaches are able to identify the specific needs of each individual player, to create training environments that are challenging, rewarding, and most importantly, inspiring. To ensure positive player development and produce elite athletes, Los Gatos United understands the growth and maturity each player will progress through, during their careers as a competitive player.

Girl’s Comp League Coaches

Age Group & Team
Coach Bio/Contact
GU8 (2010) Academy Nick Hatzke
GU9 (2009) Academy Mark Hogenhout 
GU9 (2009) Pre-Academy 1 Aliyah Jones
GU10 (2008) Academy Nick Hatzke
GU10 (2008) Pre-Academy 1 Andy Moya 
GU10 (2008) Pre-Academy 2 Stephanie Bloom
GU11 (2007) Academy Thomas Murdick
GU12 (2006) Academy  Andy Moya 
GU12 (2006) Pre-Academy 1 Stephanie Bloom
GU13 (2005) Academy Nick Hatzke
GU13 (2005) Pre-Academy 1 Shelley Olds
GU14 (2004) Academy Phil Gibson
GU14 (2004) Pre-Academy 1 Mario Farfan
GU15 (2003) Academy Mario Farfan

Boy’s Comp League Coaches

Age Group & Team
Coach Bio/Contact
BU7 (2011) Academy Thomas Murdick
BU8 (2010) Academy Joel Fumia
BU8 (2010) Pre-Academy 1 Taylor Heer
BU9 (2009) Academy Thomas Murdick
BU9 (2009) Pre-Academy 1 Uriel Ayala
BU9 (2009) Pre-Academy 2 Enrique Torres
BU10 (2008) Academy Craig Surgey
BU10 (2008) Pre-Academy 1 Bobby Sekine
BU10 (2008) Pre-Academy 2 Uriel Ayala
BU10 (2008) Pre-Academy 3 Anthony Ruiz
BU11 (2007) Academy Joel Fumia
BU11 (2007) Pre-Academy 1 Matt Fumia
BU11 (2007) Pre-Academy 2 Randy Moya
BU12 (2006) Academy Andy Moya
BU12 (2006) Pre-Academy 1 Taylor Heer
BU13 (2005) Academy Dylan Serrano
BU13 (2005) Pre-Academy 1 Andy Moya
BU14 (2004) Academy Mario Farfan
BU14 (2004) Pre-Academy 1 Joel Fumia
BU15 (2003) Academy Dylan Serrano
BU18 (2000) Academy TBD
BU18 (2000/2001) Pre-Academy 1 Matt Schembri