Our “Play-through” program is designed for older players who want to participate in a full-field, 11 v 11 format but prefer to remain in a rec environment. It is an extension of the regular Fall Rec program, utilizing the same practice schedule, uniforms, and volunteer structure as the younger age groups.


Why is the program called Play-through?

Registration in the middle school and high school age groups tends to be lower overall for Bay Area soccer leagues. To remedy this, many leagues opt to partner with one another to form combined playing leagues for older players. Teams are able to participate in such programs through the support of their home league, hence the term “play-through.” Los Gatos United is part of the CYSA District 2 Play-though league, which serves the counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Monterey.


Who is eligible?

Anyone born 2003 – 2008. You do not need to be a Los Gatos resident or attend a school in the district.


What are the age groups?

New for Fall 2020, we’re offering registration for 3 age groups as follows:
U14 – players born in 2007 & 2008
U16 – players born in 2005 & 2006
U18 – players born in 2003 & 2004


What is the game format?

U14: 9 v 9 or 11 v 11, depending on registration numbers; 35-minute halves
U16 & U18: 11 v 11, 40-minute halves, full-size field


Can I request a friend/coach?

Yes! In order to attract more players to the program, the league makes an extra effort to place players with their friends, schoolmates, and former teammates whenever possible. Head coaches are permitted to request a handful of specific players for their team. Players may also provide a list of several friends for consideration, as well as a coach request. In most cases, preferences can be accommodated, but the Rec Director reserves the right to decline any request that would result in an unacceptable skill differential between teams.


How do practices work?

Practices are 60-90 minutes, 2 days per week, located in Los Gatos. The exact days and times are selected by the volunteer coaches. We are aware that older players have busy schedules and may not be able to attend both practices every week. Everyone will receive 50% playing time in games regardless of practice attendance, but we ask that each player attend at least one practice per week for the sake of team cohesion. We regret that we can’t guarantee to accommodate practice requests, but you are invited to note your conflicts in the “Additional info” section of the registration form.


Who will coach the team?

All of our rec teams are led by our generous and talented parent volunteers…could this be you??? Coach volunteers are always in short supply, and the ability to form teams often hinges on the number of parents who step up. Coaching recreational soccer does not require that you played in college or high school. If you’ve been watching your kids play for a few years, you probably know all the rules by now. You don’t need to be particularly athletic or skilled yourself; what we value most is enthusiasm and a commitment to making the experience fun and fair for all players. If you can recruit a friend or two to coach with you, it will be a piece of cake. Please consider volunteering as a head or assistant coach. Register now!


Can my child play up or down into a different age group?

We will allow players to move UP to an older age group at the family’s request. If you feel your child needs to play down into a younger age group, we will address requests on a case-by-case basis. Please make your request in the “Additional info” field on the registration form.


When are games?

Saturdays for all age groups, although locations will vary depending on final age group configuration.


Who determines the schedule and location of games for U14 (birth years 2007 & 2008)?

Los Gatos United is part of CYSA “District 2 Play-through” and coordinates teams and games through their scheduler. However, it is our strong preference to keep U14 teams “in-house” if possible. The ability to do this depends mainly on recruiting enough volunteer parent coaches to staff the teams! If enough players register to form four (4) U14 teams in each gender, games will be played on Saturdays in Los Gatos and scheduled by LGU.

If registrations are low for the U14 age group, teams will be formed by LGU and scheduled through CYSA. Games are played on Saturdays at various locations in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Monterey counties.


Who determines the schedule and location of games for U16 and U18?

As of 2018, U16 and U18 teams have participated in the AYSO Region 64 “West San Jose” league, with games on Saturdays throughout the South Bay. The schedule is created and managed by AYSO.


Will age groups be combined like previous years?

There is a possibility that we will combine U14 and U16 again. The determination will be made based on the number of players and volunteers who register. Typically, registration numbers have been small for U16, with most registrants on the younger end of the spectrum. If that’s the case for 2020, it is possible that age groups will be combined in order to keep the teams in-house once again, which eliminates the need to travel to games.


When will the club make the final decision on the age group breakdown?

Unfortunately, it’s common for older players to register very late in the season as they juggle schedules for other sports and activities. The decision cannot feasibly be made before mid-August. Depending on gender distribution, we may divide girls’ and boys’ age groups differently. Our goal is to balance parents’ desire to stay local with an equitable distribution of age, size, and skill.


Can my child play for their school team at the same time?

If kids are willing to do both, we’re happy to have them. We ask that your child attempt to attend at least one practice per week. Game conflicts are not usually an issue since most schools in the area play games during the week.

If your child is part of a travel baseball team, please make a note in the “Additional Info” section of the registration form. This knowledge will enable us to create slightly larger teams to account for absences on game days.