LG Comp Training Program

General practice format

Each player will be exposed to the following techniques and skill development during training sessions throughout the season. Fitness is a critical part of the game and can be incorporated anywhere into the session.

  1. Ball juggling – 5min while players wait for the full team to arrive (Arsenal youth system)
  2. Skill building – 15-20min, 21 techniques that maximize player’s touches on the ball https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9ArYpX7ZYlmJgNeJ0k1Eg
  1. Technique drill – Learn, practice and repetition of techniques and skill development
  2. Small game – Reinforces and allows the skills to be utilized
  3. Big game – Expanded space for players to use their creativity
  4. Cool down – Stretch and coach review with players of what was taught during the day’s session


All done at “game speed” while remembering that controlling the ball is the primary focus. Doing it with more speed comes next, then with more deception. Always that order in mind.


  1. Ball manipulation & Shielding – Soccer boxing, toe taps (behind back), pull-push, inside outside (normal, rakes, behind back), small triangles and more.
  2. Line Dribbling – Inside-Outside (right, left, both), Rakes, Rake-stop (inside, sole), Rake-Step-over, Rolls (Forward & Backward).
  3. Hesitation moves – Stop and go with the inside foot, outside foot, and sole
  4. Turns/Change of direction moves – Cut (Inside, Outside), Step-pull-turn, Cruyff, Step-over, back-heel
  5. Forward facing moves – Shoulder dip, Scissor, Futsal move (horizontal rake), Pull-back-behind back, Maradona


  1. One touch passing – Inside, outside, laces
  2. Two touch passing – Inside, outside, behind-back, sole


  1. One touch – Inside foot, outside foot, laces (Power, accuracy, placement, curve, volleys, deception, off-the-cross)
  2. Two touch – Inside foot, outside foot, laces (First touch with inside, outside, sole or behind the back)


  1. How to make runs in the box (Losing your mark with quick movement away first)
  2. Where to make runs in the box (near, far, top of box)
  3. When to make runs in the box (timing – try to arrive at spot when the ball arrives)
  4. How to cross the balls in the box (Inside foot, laces, driven, lofted, on the ground)


  1. 1v1 defending – Speed (Close down quickly), angle of approach, sideways stance, contain (Don’t dive in).
  2. 2v2 defending – Pressure and cover (How to switch between)
  3. Team – Where the Line of pressure starts, and where to force them (wide, central or to a specific player on the back line).


Speed, Strength, Endurance, Quickness, Agility, Recovery


Each player should know the roles of each position, what characteristics are expected out of each position and why.


  1. 11v11 (4-3-3)
  2. 9v9 (3-4-1)
  3. 7V7 (2-3-1)
  4. 4V4 (Diamond or box)


Good person (mentally strong, positive attitude, good teammate, coachable, hard working, determined, game speed effort). Players will learn the importance of putting the team first, they will learn to treat teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, field, and equipment with respect at all times. We want our players to be recognized as great people on and off the field.