Boys' Comp


Los Gatos United comp teams practice 3 days a week depending on the age group. The season spans 10-12 months of the year with games and tournaments on weekends. Professionally licensed coaches lead all of our comp league teams.

Tryouts for Fall 2020 are tentatively scheduled for early June, subject to shelter in place restrictions, along with guidance from NorCal and our local and state authorities.  Rest assured, we will be holding tryouts, it’s just a matter of how and when.  If you are interested in joining  Los Gatos United for Fall 2020, please click the button below and fill out our interest form.

Boys’ Teams, Schedules & Results

Los Gatos United teams play primarily in the NorCal Premier competitive soccer league with few of our older teams playing in the Coast Section/Bay Region of CalNorth. Our Club philosophy is to place teams at a level where athletes will have some success while also being challenged to grow.

Following is a breakdown of the Fall 2019 Los Gatos United Boy’s teams with links to their official league schedule.

Age Group & Team
2012B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2012B – IIlists_page_icon_4
2012B – IIIlists_page_icon_4
2012B – IVlists_page_icon_4
2011B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2011B – IIlists_page_icon_4
2011B – IIIlists_page_icon_4
2011B – IVlists_page_icon_4
2011B – Vlists_page_icon_4
2010B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2010B – IIlists_page_icon_4
2010 B – IIIlists_page_icon_4
2010B – IVlists_page_icon_4
2010B – Vlists_page_icon_4
2009B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2009B – IIlists_page_icon_4
2009B – IIIlists_page_icon_4
2009B – IVlists_page_icon_4
2009B – Vlists_page_icon_4
2009B – VIlists_page_icon_4
2008B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2008B – IIlists_page_icon_4
2008B – IIIlists_page_icon_4
2008B – IVlists_page_icon_4
2007B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2007B – IIlists_page_icon_4
2007B – IIIlists_page_icon_4
2007B – IVlists_page_icon_4
2006B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2005B – Ilists_page_icon_4
2005B – IIlists_page_icon_4
03/04B – Ilists_page_icon_4