Welcome to another season of soccer! And a sincere Thank You to all of our referees for your continued support of LGUSL. If you are interested in reffing LGUSL recreation and competitive club league games please read details below to get started in the process of becoming an LGUSL referee.


Renewing your Referee License

You’ll need to log in at Once you’ve successfully logged in be sure to update your contact information and make sure your email address is the one you are using for Arbiter (This is very important for the verification process in Arbiter). The current payment process is a bit odd as it forces you “sign up for a course”.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the “Courses” link on the left-hand side of the login page
  2. Next select “Referee Courses”
  3. Next select “2019 USSF RENEWAL ONLY – GRADE 8”.”
  4. Now register for the course by filling in all the correct contact information.
  5. Select “South” in the district selection.
  6. Save and continue to payment


Register for our upcoming referee course starting August 6th—August 10th, 2019!

The responsibilities of a referee must be taken seriously. Remember that you are the symbol of integrity, the ultimate authority at every game ensuring fair and safe play. Many people including players, coaches, spectators, other referees, and league officials are depending on you to show up on time to your game assignments, prepared to perform your game official duties to the very best of your ability.

Interested referees need to take and pass a Grade 8 Referee Course. Please visit the Game Officials website for a list of upcoming courses. Complete the online course as soon as possible. You must complete all online sessions prior to the first session. Information for the online section can be found here. You must complete and pass the course to be a referee for LGUSL.

Game Pay