Board of Directors

LGUSL is always looking for dedicated people who want to see the best possible youth soccer program for our children in the Town of Los Gatos. If you are interested in joining the board of directors, please fill out and submit the LGUSL board participation form.

Directors are elected during monthly meetings, which normally occur on the fourth Monday of each month. Board member vacancies are filled by the Board of Directors as needed, via the board member application and nomination process.





President tie break Matt Lopez
VP Administration Y Wendy Riggs
VP Operations Y Paolo Cocchiglia
Treasurer Y Richard Lu
Treasurer shared Anish Mehta
Secretary Y Jon Curtis
Marketing Director Y Jon Conta
Special Events Director Y Andrew Ferguson
Rec Director Y Matt Von der Ahe recdirector@losgatosunited.comevents
Competitive Director Y Sharon Kirk
Recreational Commissioner N Chris Davis
Technical Director N Shaun Tsakiris
Program Director N Shawn Blakeman
Recreational League Registrar Y Tadashi Egami
Comp Registrar Y Stacey Caro
Chief of Referees N AJ Escobar

Los Gatos United Soccer League is an independent non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. The Board meets once a month to conduct the business that shall regularly come before it. The Board is responsible for setting the mission and strategic direction of the organization. The LGUSL board manages all aspects of the soccer program; from fields management to the uniforms that our children wear on game day. All of this is determined by our dedicated and completely volunteer staff. The Board is also charged with overseeing the finances, operations, enforcing the Bylaws, and drafting and adopting policies of the organization. See Board of Director expectations below for additional details.

Board of Director Expectations

Eligibility: Any interested person shall be eligible for the Board of Directors 

Application: To apply for a position on the Board of Directors, prospective members must:

  1. Attend at least one full Board meeting in advance of submitting their name for nomination to the Board
  2. Submit a written summary of their skills and intent to be nominated for a position on LGUSL Board of Directors, 1 week prior to Board meeting in which they wish their nomination to be considered.

Process: During the Board meeting following receipt of the written summary, the board will consider the nomination. The applicant should be prepared to answer questions and elaborate on his/her qualifications. Following this brief interview period, the Board will meet in closed session to consider the applicant and vote on whether to appoint the applicant to the Board. Voting results will be recorded in closed session meeting minutes and the LGUSL President will contact the nominee(s) the following day with closed session decisions. The term of Board members appointed in this manner will begin at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

LGUSL provides soccer programs for over 1,000 boys and girls, ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old. We draw our players primarily from Los Gatos. We are an affiliated league with CalNorth CYSA and US Nor Cal Premier.

As an LGUSL Board Member, your responsibilities include:

  1. Attending as many board meetings as possible. Meetings are currently held the 4th Monday of the month. Missing three consecutive regular meetings may result in your removal from the board, unless you have sufficient excuses for missing the meetings.
  2. Serving as a committee chair. This does not mean that you must or even should do all the work for which the committee is responsible. Instead, being the chair means to lead a committee to complete the task at hand, setting up monthly meetings, recruit volunteers if necessary, and report back to the Board every month
  3. Assisting with the league’s On-Site Registrations for our Spring and Fall Recreation and Competitive programs and help with the Pride of Lost Gatos (recreational program tournament) in November.
  4. Helping make policy and adhere to the non-profit mission of LGUSL, including reviewing annually LGUSL’s conflict of interest policy
  5. Upholding the By-Laws and rules of the league and those of CYSA and USYS.
  6. Representing the league in a positive light!

LGUSL is a non-profit California corporation, and is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Before board meeting: all agenda items, all proposals, all materials for discussion items and all officer/committee reports are emailed to entire board. Board members can then review and email comments around to other directors. 

At meeting:
Open Sessions: As a private non-profit, LGUSL is not subject to the Brown Act or other open meetings laws. Nonethelesswith two exceptions, virtually all LGSUL board meetings, discussions, agendas and minutes are open to LGUSL members and to the general public.  We customarily go into a “closed” or “executive” session to discuss: (1) personnel issues regarding a specific individual – hiring, performance review, pay raises, termination, etc. – this includes specific volunteers, too; and (2) litigation issues.  Unless staff has a direct interest in the matter being discussed, staff is typically permitted to remain in closed sessions.  Otherwise, only elected directors can be present in the closed session. 

Action Items:  No action can be taken without a quorum; a quorum is 50% of the filled director seats. Any action item has to be “moved” and “seconded”. Only directors can make motions or second motions. After motion is seconded, the directors discuss the motion. Customarily, staff and others present at the meeting are permitted to join in the discussion.  After discussion, the motion is voted on by only the directors.  Directors can vote yes, no or abstain.  A “yes” vote by a majority of the directors present is required to pass the motion. 

Discussion Items: These are matters of which the board should be aware, but no board action is needed. We do not need a quorum to talk about discussion items, as long as no action is taken. Occasionally motions are made based on the discussion items, which customarily has been OK as long as the quorum and voting rules are followed.  However, frequently motions based on a discussion item will be tabled until the next meeting, so that all the directors can have time to contemplate the motion. 

Reports: These are reports from the officers and the committee chairs (or designee), basically summarizing what’s been going on the past month and if there are any issues of which the board should be aware.   Reports should be submitted in writing, one week before the board meeting, so everyone can read them. 

Good of The Game: Any brief stories, items of interest, etc. that reflect on the positive side of youth soccer. 

Discussion Reminders:

When we are discussing motions, reports, or other matters, please keep in mind these tips:

  1. Before speaking, wait to be acknowledged by the chair.
  2. Don’t interrupt a speaker. Everyone should be given an uninterrupted period of time to state their opinion or position. (The chair may cut someone off in order to move things along)
  3. Be brief and succinct. Keep in mind that we often have a lot of ground to cover in our meetings, and we need to be sure that there’s enough time to hear everyone who wants to be heard .
  4. Respect Differing Opinions. Respect Each Other. Focus on “what” is right, rather than “who” is right, no interruptions, listen with an open mind, and don’t take disagreements personally.
  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and at General Membership Meetings. At these meetings the President’s vote shall break any ties.
  2. Shall automatically be an ex-officio member of every committee established within the League, but shall not act as its Chairperson. The President must be advised of the date, time, and place of any and all committee meetings.
  3. Shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of Los Gatos United Soccer League.
  4. Shall act as League representative, or shall appoint, with the approval of the Board, a LGUSL representative to attend all appropriate CYSA meetings. This representative shall cast votes as needed at these meetings.
  5. Shall coordinate the activities of the League.
  6. Shall have the authority to take disciplinary action as prescribed by League Rules and Regulations, against any coach, assistant coach, player, referee, or parent/guardian. This authority is subject to the appeals procedures as prescribed in the League Rules and Regulations.
  7. Shall have the authority to authorize non-budgeted expenditures of up to $500.00 per occasion without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  8. Shall schedule all Board Meetings as necessary and prepare and make available an agenda for every meeting.
  9. Shall be responsible for the training of the President-elect. Shall continue to act as an advisor to the Board-elect during a transition period.
  10. Shall, in conjunction with the Vice-President-Operations and Chief of Referees, determine the continuation of play affected by inclement weather.
  1. Shall have the same powers and duties as the President when the President is absent.
  2. Shall assess, budget and supply the league with the necessary equipment for the running of the Recreational and Competitive program subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
  3. Shall assume any other duties and responsibilities delegated by the President.
  • Shall keep records of any property of the League;
  • Shall have the same powers and duties as the President when both the President and the Vice-President-Administration are absent.
  • Shall have the same duties as the Vice-President-Administration when the Vice-President-Administration is absent.
  • Shall establish the following committees:
    • Fields/Safety
    • Field Equipment (Goals, nets, field marking equipment, etc.)
  • Shall be an ex-officio member of each committee, but shall not act as the chairperson of any committee.
  • Shall assume any other duties and responsibilities delegated by the President.
  • Shall, in conjunction with the League President and Chief of Referees, determine the continuation of play affected by inclement weather.
  • Shall keep an accurate record of all Board and General Membership meetings.
  • Shall submit minutes of each meeting to each Board member, no less than five (5) days prior to the next Board Meeting, for review and approval.
  • Shall see that the dates, times, places, and agendas of all meetings are communicated to all Board Members.
  • Shall maintain a Secretary’s Handbook, consisting of the above records. This handbook shall be given to the Secretary-elect at the end of the term.
  • Shall act as League Insurance Coordinator and handle all responsibilities thereof.
  • Shall issue a receipt for all monies paid to Los Gatos United Soccer League. All money paid to Los Gatos United Soccer League shall be deposited in a recognized bank in the name Los Gatos United Soccer League. All expenditures shall be paid by check and bear two (2) of the following signatures: Treasurer, President, Vice-President-Administration, Vice-President-Operations, or Bookkeeper. Checks for less than $1,000 (one thousand dollars) may bear the signature of only one (1) such person.
  • Shall use a recognized accounting software to keep record of all League transactions, up-to-date, properly balanced, and in agreement with the associated bank statements. This record book shall be produced on demand of the Board of Directors. The treasurer may delegate this to the bookkeeper.
  • Shall regularly submit a report at Board Meetings, and give an oral report at all General Meetings on the financial status of the League.
  • Shall prepare an annual draft budget for review by the Audit Committee in a time frame adequate to get Board approval before the end of February of the budgeted year.
  • Shall prepare a final financial statement at the end of the term of office, in accordance with typical bookkeeping practices.
  • Direct and oversee the work of the bookkeeper.
  • Shall act as the liaison between the League and the League’s Certified Public Accountant, and verify the preparation and filing of taxes annually on behalf of the League by the Certified Public Accountant.
  • Shall be responsible for the registration process of all players and teams.
  • Shall keep up-to-date records of registration and current rosters. Shall keep current mailing lists.
  • Shall act as a liaison between the Board and individual players.
  • Shall be responsible for the registration process of all players and teams.
  • Shall keep up-to-date records of registration and current rosters. Shall keep current mailing lists.
  • Shall act as liaison between the Board and individual players.
  • Shall be currently licensed by the United States Soccer Federation as a referee.
  • Shall be responsible for the development and training of qualified youth and adult referees to officiate scheduled games for the League.
  • Shall schedule qualified referees for all Los Gatos United games.
  • Shall be the official League spokesperson regarding all areas of officiating and game rule interpretation.
  • Shall be the liaison between the Los Gatos referees and the Board.
  • Shall organize and chair a three-person Rules Committee, approved by the Board, to be responsible for dealing with rules interpretation and infractions during the playing season. This committee shall develop and be the final authority in regards to the LGUSL deviations to F.I.F.A.
  • Shall be the final authority concerning game control on all fields under his/her jurisdiction.
  • Shall be responsible for advising the Board on matters pertaining to the Laws of The Game, game schedules and all other matters affecting the game of soccer.
  • Shall, in conjunction with the League President and Vice-President-Operations, determine the continuation of play affected by inclement weather.
  • Shall keep an accurate record of events and procedures in a Chief of Referees Handbook, which shall be given to the Chief of Referees-elect at the end of the term.
  • Shall manage and train all of the League’s volunteer recreational coaches. Shall provide directly or with other knowledgeable persons, guidance and counseling to coaches.
  • Shall preside over the annual Recreational Coaches Meeting each August with input from the Recreational Program Director and other members of the Board
  • Shall provide clinics to recreational coaches focused on teaching volunteers how to run training sessions.
  • Shall provide literature with age-specific handouts for coaches identifying drills, activities, and tips for the League’s volunteer-based recreational coaching pool.
  • Shall act as a liaison between recreational coaches and Board relative to concerns articulated by parents.
  • Shall organize Recreational clinics as deemed necessary by the Board, and one or more pre-trial clinics for U8 players interested in moving to the League’s Competitive Program.
  • Shall develop a training program for all league coaches. Shall provide directly or with other knowledgeable persons, guidance and counseling to coaches.
  • Shall coordinate the development and maintenance of a Coaching Manual for the League.
  • Shall be responsible for the retention of an adequate number of qualified coaches for all competitive teams and direct their compensation.
  • Shall oversee the activities of the Recreation Program. Will be responsible for organizing at least one (1) training meeting for Age Group Commissioners prior to the start of the season.
  • Shall establish guidelines, in coordination with the Chief of Referees, to determine roster sizes and game schedules.
  • Shall oversee all player placements in all Recreational Leagues.
  • Shall, with Board approval, appoint all Recreational League coaches.
  • Shall organize tryouts for all Competitive teams sponsored by Los Gatos United.
  • Shall oversee all aspects of the Competitive Program.
  • Shall chair the Competitive Committee, which has been approved by the Board, which shall be comprised of the President and Director of Competitive Coaching.
  • Shall serve as liaison with any Competitive playing league organization and the Board, e.g. District II.
  • Shall serve as a liaison between all competitive players, coaches, and the Board. The Competitive Program Director shall serve as the agent for the players and their respective families and shall work with the Director of Competitive Coaching to resolve any conflicts between the league or its coaches and competitive players.

The Board of Directors through the recreational Program Director shall specify for each year, the number of Recreational Age Group Commissioners to be appointed. There shall be a minimum of five and maximum of fifteen Age Group Commissioners appointed to represent the various age/sex groups within the Recreational program. The Age Group Commissioners are nominated and approved by the League Board of Directors.
All Age Group Commissioners, under the guidance of the Recreational Program Director, will have the following duties:

  • Shall organize their age group divisions by recommending coaches and initiating player placements.
  • Shall be responsible for seeing that all players in his/her division are treated fairly and play at least 1/2 of every game.
  • Shall determine the number of teams necessary to fairly distribute players in their divisions, shall determine the team size, team names and team colors, with the approval of the Board.
  • Shall act as a liaison between the Board and the players, coaches, and parents involved with his/her division throughout the entire season.
  • Shall coordinate communications within the organization. Shall establish working lines of communication between the General Membership and the Board.
  • Shall see that a newsletter is published during the season, and publicize all Los Gatos United Soccer League activities, both in and out of season.
  • Shall be responsible for finding and organizing volunteers, as per the needs of other board members, and the League in general. May include coordinating volunteers for the distribution of registration leaflets to the schools, field maintenance, uniform/equipment management, assistants to board members, and special projects.
  • Shall oversee the activities of the Play-Through Program, which is a subdivision of the Recreational Program.
  • Shall assist Recreational Commissioner in organizing clinics as deemed necessary by the Board.
  • Shall establish guidelines, in coordination with the Chief of Referees and Recreational Director, to determine roster sizes and games schedules of Play-Through teams.
  • Shall submit to the Board for final approval, all Play-Through team rosters. Shall oversee all player placements in Play-Through teams.
  • Shall, with Board approval, appoint all Play-Through team coaches.
  • Shall keep up-to-date records of all designated duties in a Play-Through Program handbook. This handbook shall be given to the Play-Through Program Director-elect at the end of the term.
  • Shall oversee all special events during the year, including tournaments, and Fun Days.
  • Shall organize direct a Recreational tournament as dictated by the Board.
  • Shall organize any community events associated with LGUSL happenings, such as Photo/Fun Day or Opening Day events.
  • Shall coordinate any promotional events with local professional and amateur soccer teams.
  • Shall coordinate volunteers for the inter-league tournaments and other special events indicated above.
  • Shall receive record all monies paid to the League;
  • Shall maintain a detailed account of the income and expenditures thereof;
  • Shall deposit all funds, upon receipt, in a bank account in the name of the League;
  • Shall maintain current signature cards at the bank;
  • Along with the Treasurer, shall submit all required fees to CYSA or NorCal Premier when due;
  • Shall present an independent audit to the Board of Directors when requested.
  • Shall publish information as directed by the Board of Directors to the League’s website;
  • Shall maintain all updates with the web provider as necessary;
    • Along with the Public Relations director, shall keep League webpage up to date with current events involving the League’s teams, coaching staff, Board contact information, and fields.
  • Shall determine a fair and appropriate use of the League’s fields by all Members;
  • Shall coordinate with the Recreational and Competitive Directors of Coaching appropriate field assignments for training purposes;
  • Shall maintain a master index of teams and field allocations available upon request by the Board.