Community Fields

Los Gatos United Soccer League utilizes Los Gatos Unified School District, Union School District and the City of Los Gato’s fields. Access to fields varies from season to season depending on conditions and availability. These fields are shared with other youth organizations. Following are a listing of fields used by the league. Field addresses are linked to Google Satellite maps to help guide you through game and practice and practice locations. LGUSL, as well as other community sports leagues, is responsible for helping with the maintenance and upkeep of the fields. If you are interested in supporting the league’s fields fund, there is a donation section below the field’s table. We sincerely appreciate the assistance.

2018 Community Field Chart

LGUSL utilizes three types of fields:

Large fields for 11 v 11 games & practices
Medium size fields for 9 v 9 and 7 v 7 games & practices
Small fields for 5 v 5 games & practices

Donate to Help Maintain LG Sports Fields

LGUSL is fortunate to have several fields available to our league in Los Gatos and Union School Districts. Though, maintaining the quality of these fields comes at a cost. LGUSL pays field rental fees to the school districts to help cover this expense.

While a portion of annual playing fees goes toward this cost, the league still needs to raise money to cover annual increases. Other Los Gatos sports leagues that use the fields are required to pay rental fees as well. The donation is an opportunity to help the league do its part in working with the school districts to make fields both practice and game-ready for our players.

If you would like to contribute to the fields fund, donations can be made to LGUSL electronically by credit card or bank account via the leagues PayPal account. Thanks so much for your interest and support.

LGUSL’s Donation Policy

All league donation money must be used for field upkeep, equipment, uniforms, tournaments, player registrations, clinics or camps.

To receive LGUSL’s non-profit tax benefits from the sponsorship, donations must be made to the Los Gatos United Soccer League and identified as a league donation.

LGUSL will send a Donation Letter to the donor, which includes the League’s Tax Identification Number.